Florida Employee Handbook – Drafted by a FL Attorney

Easy, Legal Florida Employee Handbook, Ready in Minutes

Obamacare – Affordable Care Act
Compliant Policy with Information on Required Notices to Employees



Instant FL Employee Handbook with Powerful Lawsuit Protection

Legal Compliant with FL Guaranteed

• Written by a Florida Business & Employment Attorney
• Helps Protect At Will Employment & Avoid Wrongful Termination Claims
• Includes Easy to Understand Legal Wording FL Employers Need

Current and Compliant with FL and Federal Laws as of 03/06/2015

Customer Review “…I can be sure both my company and I are protected”
F. Rodriguez


Customer Review “…very simple and painless… It’s too easy, actually perfect.”
“…It only took me 5 minutes and I’m almost done…”  Melanie

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FL Employee Handbook – Instant Download, Ready In Minutes!

Done for You – Fortune 500 Quality

Saves you time – No writing, no research. Drafted by an attorney with over 35 years employment law experience.

Customized – With Your Company Name & Logo
Professional & Personal. Your Florida Employee Handbook cover & policies will be branded with your name & logo.

Easy to Edit – You Have 100% Control
Edit policies with the click of a button. You get your Florida Employee Handbook in MS Word – Add, delete, change.

Fast – Instant Download or e-mail
Download your complete FL Employee Handbook now, or receive it by email.

Attorney Written to Protect You – Compliant with Florida & Federal Laws
Written by an attorney to help you prevent employment conflicts, follow Florida & Federal law, protect your business.

Easy to Read Policies – Rules of the Road for Employees
Simple, easy to understand Employee Handbook Policies clearly communicate employer rules and benefits offered.

Employee Policy Manual

Click to See Policies Covered

Free With Your FL Employee Handbook

• HR Forms – Manage, Organize, Provide Proof of Compliance
• Acknowledgement of Employee Handbook Receipt
• Welcome Letter & At Will Employment Acknowledgment

Easy to understand. Cannot be misinterpreted. “
“I really like the Employee Handbook. It’s in layman’s terms. Easy to understand.
Cannot be misinterpreted. Has everything I need.”
B. Hester, Medical Practice

Florida Employee ManualBranded with Your Name & Logo
10 Human Resource Forms
Policy Updates – 1 Yr Free
Eng. & Spa. Handbooks
Instant Download




Florida Employee HandbookFlorida Employer’s Protection Package
35 HR/Legal Forms, 1 Yr Policy Updates
Eng. & Spa. Handbooks
Fast Instant Download
Customize with Your Name & Logo 



We do Everything for You
Custom Made for Your Specific Needs
Incl. Important Policies you already have
Attorney Reviewed + 35 HR/Legal Forms


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“… superior legal products backed by dependable and oustanding customer service.”
“I have very high standards and expectations
… As promised, our very comprehensive and impressive customized Employee Handbook arrived… truly exceeded my high standards and expectations.
I feel completely comfortable recommending this customized employee handbook.” Carla M. Fox, R.N.

Compare Florida Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks
Instant Download
Employee Manual


Florida Employee Manual
Employer’s Protection Package
Florida Employee Handbook
Custom Made to Fit Your Business

Attorney drafted policies
Complies with Florida & Federal Laws
Easy to Edit in MS Word
Company Name & Logo Customization
10 Employment Forms
35 Employment Forms
We write it for your special needs
We do everything for you
Keep policies you already have
Includes the Specific Benefits you offer
Attorney reviewed for Compliance
Free Revision
Basic Laws for Businesses Booklet
Prevent Disputes & Lawsuits Booklet

Get it Now by Instant Download
Customized via email – 24 biz hrs
Texas Employee Manual Instant Download

Texas Employee Manual Instant Download

Buy Upgrade Custom Employee Handbook for Texas


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“You saved us a lot of time!”

“My boss says you’re ‘heroes.’ You saved us a lot of time!
This employee handbook is well worth the money. We’re extremely impressed with it. I definitely recommend this employee handbook, it saved me hours of research and manual input.” Laura T.

…protects my business from employees who want to break the rules and make disputes.”
“I needed an employee handbook that protects my business from employees who want to break the rules and make disputes. I found that this employee handbook is exactly what I need. It is written by a lawyer. This makes me feel secure because I know my business is legally protected. I like that it’s easy for me to edit, and that you can review my changes to make sure they’re legal. I highly recommend this employee handbook.”
Anita L., Subway Franchisee Subway Good4U


I was able to put to use with virtually no editing.
“As a small business owner, I am subject to most of the same labor laws as a Fortune 500 company is, but have nowhere near the resources to write and maintain an up to date employee manual. I
ordered Fingertip Manuals and was amazed at how comprehensive it is and how I was able to put to use with virtually no editing. Hiring a new employee is a scramble for a small business. Having a professionally written comprehensive employee manual provides an enormous amount of peace of mind in the process.This is one of the best values a small business owner could obtain.” Claire Baker, CPA


“…a turn-key H.R. Department… at the click of a button…fully customizable…”
thought the price was more than what I wanted to pay since we’re a small business. Then I noticed this employee handbook is specific for my state and ready to go; two very necessary and important things I was looking for.
I found this employee handbook to be a turn-key H.R. Department. It’s very well written, simple and easy enough for my employees to understand. It was easy to obtain and fully customizable. I liked that it is downloadable and that I could have it at the click of a button. I definitely recommend this handbook.” David W.


“…how valuable it turned out to be was worth much more than the actual cost…”
“Your Custom Employee Handbook costs more than other companies we saw online.
It turned out to be much more valuable than the actual cost. I now think it is too cheap.
The flexibility of service, the depth of information, how professional the handbook is and how valuable it turned out to be was worth much more than the actual cost and very generous.
I can’t see myself doing an employee handbook with any other company. I absolutely recommend this product.” David, Connecticut Muffin


“…complete, effective, and simple way of managing…Company Policies” After more than 30 years as a McDonald’s Franchisee in California and Florida, I found FingerTip Manuals to be a complete, effective, and simple way of managing Employment Law and Company Policies in today’s workplace.” McDonald’s Franchisee , Arnold Levitan (ret.)


“Very professional, easy to use, and impressive to read.”
“I just started a new business and needed an Employee Manual asap. A friend told me about FingerTip Manuals. All I did was select the Company Policies I wanted. My new Employee Manual was ready to go in a few minutes. Very professional, easy to use, and impressive to read. What a terrific product!” Hot Dog Planet, H. Alan


“It’s wonderful, you saved me lots of money.”
“I like that your handbook was reviewed by a lawyer. That gave me the confidence to buy it. It is easy to read and understand and I very much like the layout. I have never experienced customer service this good… I definitely recommend this employee handbook. It’s wonderful, you saved me lots of money.”
S. Thomas, Fifth Ave. Primary Care Physicians


“I especially appreciate how well you answered my questions…and helped me with the changes.”
found your website to be very professional. When I called, I was able to talk to someone who answered my questions. These two things gave me confidence in buying your handbook.
I especially appreciate how well you answered my questions about the changes I wanted to make to the handbook and how you helped me with the changes. I really like the quality of the handbook and your excellent service. You gave me everything I need. I already recommended your employee handbook to a friend. If you would like to give my phone number to anyone who wants to know about my experience, you are welcome to do so. I will absolutely recommend you.”
Boris E.


” …has the legal language I need for my state and federal laws.”
“There is no way I could have done this myself and had our corporate attorney review for compliance for this price or anywhere near this price. My state has too many laws to keep up with, so I needed an employee handbook written by an attorney that has the legal language I need for my state and federal laws. I found this Employee Handbook to be very simple and painless. It’s so easy to use. It only took me 5 minutes and I’m almost done. It’s too easy, actually perfect.
It’s definitely worth the price, and I like all the things it came with. I also like that you keep it up to date for me when my state laws change. I needed this employee handbook because Employment Practices Liability Insurance requires me to have an employee handbook for my state. I recommend this Employee Handbook.”


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